Joey Barton hires Vampire Weekend manager to ‘sort out his image’ – Tabloid Hell

Newcastle FC midfielder 'wants the world to know' he's a 'changed man'

Newcastle FC midfielder Joey Barton has looked to the world of music to get his public perception sorted out – by hiring Vampire Weekend‘s manager for an image overhaul.

The controversial midfielder is known for his brushes with the law, and was jailed in 2008 for assault. But according to The Sun today (May 23) he has enlisted music manager Ian Montone to help get rid of his bad boy image after meeting him at Vampire Weekend gigs.

The newspaper quotes a source as saying: “Joey realises his past is nothing to be proud of. And he insists he is now a changed man. By getting Ian on board he wants the world to know. He is really dedicated to music. He’d much rather go to a gig in a sweaty little venue than go to the kind of cheesy over-priced clubs most of the Premier League players prefer.”

Aparrently Montone has “agreed to use his muscle to try and sort out his image.” Beginning with nicely-placed stories in the tabloids about how he’s a changed man who loves indie music, we presume.