Amy Winehouse ‘beats’ man in pub – Tabloid Hell

The singer supposedly thought the man had pinched her backside

Amy Winehouse has been accused of hitting a man three times in the Dublin Castle pub in Camden, London, on Saturday (July 5).

According to the Daily Mirror the singer hit salesman Wayne Lindsay and called him a “wanker”.

The newspaper quotes a source close to Winehouse as claiming that the singer was reacting to someone in the pub pinching her backside.

Amy Winehouse supposedly left the pub following the incident, with security guards taking no action.

Lindsay is quoted as saying: “It really stung. I hadn’t said a word or touched her. I was just drinking with my friends. She clearly thought I’d done something. She was wild.”

An associate of Winehouse is quoted as saying: “She’s no shrinking violet and isn’t afraid to stand up for herself.”