Robbie Williams walks around LA dressed as a gorilla – Tabloid Hell

It's the first time he's been seen in public in three months

Robbie Williams has taken to the streets of Los Angeles dressed in a gorilla suit.

The singer, who currently lives in the US, bought the outfit for $60 from a Hollywood fancy dress store before heading out in public wearing the get-up. It was reportedly the first time Williams had left his mansion in three months.

Augmented with a large pair of black sunglasses, pictures of the singer wearing the full-body costume have sparked concerns about his welfare from friends.

Tara Palmer-Tomkinson told The Daily Star: “Of course I’m worried for Robbie. He’s a genius and when you’re that smart and have been in the public eye for so long, you want to escape.”

Williams was last in the news after it was claimed he had seen a UFO flying over a Californian hotel he was staying in.