Oasis say ‘Coldplay are trying to beat our record’ – Tabloid Hell

The rockers reckon Chris Martin and co. want their first week sales crown

Sources close to Oasis are apparently suggesting that Coldplay are attempting to steal their album sales crown by releasing their forthcoming new album, ‘Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends’, on a Thursday.

Oasis released their third album, ‘Be Here Now’, on a Thursday (August 20) in 1997, and clocked up a record 700,000 sales in three days. Coldplay‘s album will be out on Thursday June 12.

The Sun quotes an anonymous source close to Oasis as saying: “Some people reckon Coldplay have nicked their successful blueprint from ‘Be Here Now’ to try to break the record.”

However, another anonymous source, this time from the Coldplay camp, is quoted as saying: “The band [Coldplay] decided to release the album on a Thursday to bring it in line with the rest of Europe. Oasis was never an influence.”