David Bowie: ‘Paul Weller, give me my haircut back!’ – Tabloid Hell

Bowie and Weller make up, but the Dame has a dig at Weller's barnet

David Bowie has sent an e-mail to Paul Weller asking for his haircut back.

The legendary singer, who had previously been critical of Weller‘s music, describing it as “pish”, apparently read a magazine article in which Weller bigged him up, so sent him an e-mail of thanks.

However, although the e-mail thoroughly buried the hatchet between the two musicians, Bowie did have a dig at the former Jam man’s barnet.

The Sun reports that Bowie‘s e-mail read, “Nice one, Paul. Can I have (my) haircut back now?”

Bowie attached the cover art for his compilation album of early material, ‘London Boy’, featuring Bowie sporting a haircut remarkably similar to the one Weller has today.