Amy Winehouse goes on the run – Tabloid Hell

Singer attempts to escape her father… But only for half-an-hour

Amy Winehouse‘s antics have once again caught the eye of the nation’s red-tops.

Meeting her father, Mitch, yesterday afternoon, the star seemed all set to return home with him. Until, that is, she set off sprinting down the street in the opposite direction.

The Sun think that she may have fancied a trip to the pub. The Daily Record believe that she had an argument with her father. The Daily Star simply seem confused by the whole incident.

After (literally) jumping into a passing car, Amy returned to Camden after half-an-hour bearing flowers.

Elsewhere, The Daily Mirror report that Winehouse is effectively under house arrest. It’s not the boys in blue watching over her, however, but her own record label. Their priority is stopping the constant supply of drugs being delivered to her house, claim the paper.