Gazza parties with Iron Maiden – Tabloid Hell

Ex-footballer Paul Gascoigne heads out with the hard rockers

Paul Gascoigne has been partying with Iron Maiden on their current European tour.

According to the Daily Star the former footballer joined the band in Budapest, Hungary, and seemed very unstable as he hung out with the rockers.

According to an anonymous source quoted by the newspaper Gascoigne had trouble standing. “A minder appeared to be supporting him as he walked to the bus,” the source was quoted as saying.

“He tried to light up a fag,” they continued, “but couldn’t get his lighter to his mouth at the same time as his cigarette. One of the crew had to hold his arm for him.”

The newspaper reports that Gascoigne had embarked on his trip with Iron Maiden in order to “clear his head” after his recent troubles in the UK.