Britney Spears’ sad solo show – Tabloid Hell

Trouble star sings 'Toxic' to empty hotel bar

If Britney Spears was in any doubt things weren’t going to well for her – what with going to hospital, getting into trouble with US TV’s Dr Phil and speaking in a weird accent – then this morning (January 14) she must know she’s hit rock bottom as no one wanted to hear her sing.

According to The Sun, the troubled star was spotted at Rosarito Beach Hotel in Mexico, giving a solo performance to an empty room.

The weird solo show apparently saw Spears muttering the lyrics to her hit single ’Toxic’ to no one in particular in the hotel’s empty bar.

“One of our waitresses spotted Britney singing to herself in the bar, she heard her mumbling the words to ‘Toxic’ in a very low voice. It was a strange thing to do and my waitress said she looked out of it,” reception manager Gustavo Lopez told the paper. “The hotel is virtually deserted at this time of year and Britney was all alone in the bar singing to herself. I don’t think she knew where she was.”

Still, although it was only a solo show and staff at the venue said it “looked like she was on drugs and was slurring her words”, Spears did managed to up hold one rock ‘n’ roll tradition – she trashed her room despite only spend a few hours in the hotel.

“The maid told me she’d never seen anything like it,” said Lopez. “There was rubbish everywhere – it looked like a bomb hit it.”