Robbie Williams to be abducted by aliens – Tabloid Hell

Alien 'expert' claims the singer will be contacted soon

An extraterrestrial ‘expert’ believes that Robbie Williams may soon be contacted by aliens.

Michael Luckman, Director of the New York Centre For Extraterrestrial Research, thinks that the singer should talk to scientists and prepare for abduction.

Luckman told BANG Showbiz: “Robbie is now becoming a point man for contact with extraterrestrials.

“None of the experiences I’ve seen are in the same category of what Robbie appears to have experienced. Robbie could easily disappear and then come back as an ambassador for their race.

“He is the first celebrity I know of to actually go out there and actively hunt for alien life forms. He’s unusually pro-active, even putting his musical career on hold. And he is more likely to make contact because of where he is spiritually – he takes it to the max.”

It is claimed that Williams has become fascinated by extraterrestrials since he thought he saw a “square thing” fly over a Californian hotel he was staying in recently.