Britney Spears meets Dr Phil – Tabloid Hell

Doubts cast over TV intervention claims…

The Britney Spears rollercoaster rollocked on today (January 7), when new doubts were cast over the claims of TV psychologist Dr Phil McGraw, who had claimed to be rather close to the singer during her recent breakdown.

It is claimed McGraw plans to get Spears’ parents, Jamie and Lynn, on his US TV show, ‘The Dr Phil Show’, tomorrow (December 8) to air the issues further.

McGraw, who had previously described Spears as a “suicide risk”, had claimed that he had an hour-long heart-to-heart with Spears while she packed her belongings to leave the Cedars—Sinai Medical Centre, where she had been since Thursday (January 3) night.

However, according to The Boston Herald, sources at the Centre say his role is being rather exaggerated.

According to the paper’s report, Spears, rather than having a “heart-to-heart” with the TV star, stormed out of her room as soon as McGraw arrived.

McGraw may be getting Spears’ parents on his show tomorrow, but according to The Boston Herald‘s source: “Based on the interaction between Dr Phil and Britney, it’ll be a cold day in hell before Britney goes on his show.”