Amy Winehouse to go quad biking with Ozzy – Tabloid Hell

Her brother reckons it will be safer than smoking crack

Amy Winehouse is allegedly planning to go quad biking with the family Osbourne soon.

According to the Daily Record her brother, Alex Winehouse, said he had been chatting to his sister about her recovery after her Grammy performance and she said she is happier now she’s off the drugs.

He said: “She didn’t miss crack, she told me, and was glad to be rid of it, which was a nice thing to hear.”

He then added: “She ended by telling me she was planning to go quad-biking with the Osbournes at some point, which was cool, until I remembered that this particular pursuit nearly killed Ozzy. Still, it makes a change to have a trivial concern.”

Alex Winehouse said his sister’s almost back to her old self stating: “There are very definite signs that Amy – the real Amy – is back among us. The hope, of course, is that this time it’s for real.”

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