Kanye West and Kate Upton French kiss in Cannes – Tabloid Hell

Rapper and lingerie model get frisky for the snappers

Kanye West has been indulging in some literal French kissing with his new squeeze, model Kate Upton, in Cannes.

The 33 year-old rapper and the 18 year-old lingerie model put on a pretty public display of affection recently in the French city, playing a bit of tonsil tennis on a balcony in full view of photographers with pics hitting The Sun today (May 17).

Upton‘s identity was helpfully confirmed via a cross reference with some pictures at Thesun.co.uk of the model in her day job mode, posing in sexy underwear and suspenders. So far she’s pulled on pants by the likes of Victoria’s Secret and Jenna Leigh Lingerie – and according to the newspaper was spotted leaving with West after the Victoria’s Secret VIP Swim event in Los Angeles last month.

Sounds like a beautiful love story so far – or, ahem, a ‘Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’.