Michael Jackson’s new face horror – Tabloid Hell

Has he had more plastic surgery?

The tabs are in seventh heaven this morning (December 20) after pictures of Michael Jackson appeared apparently showing him with the visible scars of new plastic surgery procedures.

The snaps show sticky tape around his mouth which he attempted the cover up with dark glasses, a dodgy hat and a scarf whilst out in Las Vegas.

A top UK plastic surgeon, Alex Karidis, told The Sun: “He looks extremely strange, almost as if he’s cut himself shaving.

“The plasters look really haphazard. It’s very, very odd. The only plastic surgery that might remotely require dressings around the lips is laser treatment to get ride of lines and creases. But that is really for people over 55.”

Jacko was wondering around US bookshop Barnes & Noble with his children Prince, Paris and Blanket.

A ‘source’ told The Sun: “He shuffled around with all these plasters on his face with his kids trailing behind. He looked like the invisible man.”

Thriller, indeed.