Richard and Judy: ‘We think Liam Gallagher burgled our house’

Pair say they’ve confronted Liam with their suspicions, but he can't remember...

Chat show hosts Richard Madeley and Judy Finnegan have said they believe Liam Gallagher burgled their house in the early 1990s.

According to the Daily Star, the pair believe the Beady Eye frontman broke into their home while they slept when they were living near Manchester almost 20 years ago.

Richard Madeley said: “We think Liam Gallagher burgled our house you know. Liam was doing a bit of robbing at the time and we were living close to them.”

The pair added that they’ve confronted the former Oasis singer about it, but he couldn’t remember. Madeley said: “We had put it to them [Oasis] that they were the ones who came through our house at 4am.” His wife Judy Finnegan added: “We’ve asked Liam if it was him and he’s not sure. Unfortunately he can’t remember as he was out of it.”

A spokesman for Liam Gallagher declined to give the Daily Star a comment.