Amy Winehouse’s special heroin ‘treatment’ – Tabloid Hell

The experts have revealed why she’s addicted to ice lollies

We’ve all been wondering why Amy Winehouse is constantly being pictured with boxes of ice pops at god knows what hour every morning, but now the experts at our favourite red-top have come up with the answer.

Oh yes, a clued-up paper has exclusively revealed that the reason Amy Winehouse likes ice lollies is because she uses them to “cool herself down after heroin binges”.

According to the rag, when you take heroin it makes you really hot, which explains why Amy has been off searching for cold treats to counter-act the effect.

“She is exercising damage limitation during her increasingly rare binges by cooling herself down with ice lollies” an “insider” said.

Good to have these things explained to us, isn’t it.