Spice Girls’ Victoria and David Beckham’s strip club night out – Tabloid Hell

Posh Spice and hubby enjoy some fleshy action in Las Vegas

How do you wind down after a series of hectic live shows in Las Vegas? If you’re Victoria Beckham, all tense from playing a bunch of Spice Girls shows in the capital of glitz, you take your husband out on the town for a full-on strip show.

Oh yes, as reported in the red-tops today (December 13), the Beckhams headed out to the Spearmint Rhino strip club in Vegas for a night of eye-popping action, spending the evening surrounded by a bunch of ladies who left even less to the imagination than Posh did when she wore that red catsuit.

“All the girls thought it was Christmas come early,” explained one of the strippers after the Beckhams’ three-hour session in the gaff. “I put on a really sexy show.”

One way to ‘Spice Up Your Life’, eh?