Pussycat Doll pens song for Lewis Hamilton – Tabloid Hell

It's an 'emotional' track for F1 ace

Nicole Scherzinger from Pussycat Dolls has written a song for her boyfriend – Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton.

The pair, who met at the MTV Europe Music Awards in November 2007, have been an item since early this year.

Scherzinger said of the self-penned track, called ‘I Think I’m In Love’: “It is a very personal song. It’s very in-depth and emotional, a real song that I know is going to connect with people.”

It isn’t yet decided whether the track will be included on the Pussycat Dolls‘ up and coming album, ‘Doll Domination’, due out next month, or whether Scherzinger will save it for her solo record.

According to the The Sun, a source said: “She has only just finished it but it could be rushed on to the new album. There are reports on the internet claiming to have the tracklisting, but so far only about seven songs are definite.”

The source added: “Nicole is really proud of this new one and they could squeeze it on.”