Noel Gallagher: ‘I’ll finish my solo LP, as long as Gary Neville doesn’t buy it’ – Tabloid Hell

Rio Ferdinand acts as a middleman for some serious text banter

Ex-Oasis man Noel Gallagher and former Manchester United full-back Gary Neville have continued their war of words, which began on Wednesday (May 11), after Gallagher had responded angrily to Neville tweeting Oasis lyrics.

According to The Sun today (May 14), Neville and Gallagher exchanged a few heated text messages, with Manchester United central defender Rio Ferdinand acting as a messenger for Gallagher.

After Neville became aware of Gallagher’s comments earlier in the week, he texted Ferdinand to ask the guitarist about his solo album, asking: “Shouldn’t you be writing a new album or has your pen run out of ink?”


To this, Gallagher replied: “My pen runs on pure gold. Ink’s for your daft mates’ tattoos”, to which Neville replied: “Gold? If you take any longer you’ll be on UK Gold.”

It seems Noel had the last word though, saying: “The thought of you humming my new tunes while combing your ‘tache in the mirror makes me want to take another year off. But if you promise not to buy a copy when it comes out I’ll get a move on.”

Gallagher is rumoured to have shot the music video for his first solo single earlier this week.