Tabloid Hell: Arctic Monkeys man sees red

One of the Sheffield troupe is given his marching orders...

One of the things we like about Arctic Monkeys’ guitar whiz-kid Jamie Cook is that, despite the success of his popular beat combo, he’s still a normal lad at heart.

He even plays Sunday league footy whenever he’s not carting his guitar licks around the world although, according to today’s Sun, even the normally mild-mannered lad they call Cookie can occasionally unleash his inner Roy Keane.

Oh yes, apparently the cheeky chimp was given his marching orders by the ref during his side High Green Villa’s match against the mighty Bramley Sunnyside Juniors.

The reason for his early bath? Dissent.

Tsk tsk, looks like he’ll have to park his mardy bum on the bench to see in his one match suspension, then…