Tabloid Hell: David Gest goes proper indie

Reality TV man wants to hang out with Amy Winehouse and co from now on

A couple of months ago, you may well have sprayed your corn flakes over your breakfast bar when you spied a picture we had in the mag of David Gest hooking up with The Pigeon Detectives for a late-night booze-up in Camden.

Well, it looks like now that Gesty’s got a taste for the indie high life, he doesn’t want to let go, and has told the red tops of his desire to give himself over to the world of grimy boozers and skinny jeans.

Apparently, Gest “revealed” that he sees his new lease of angular art-punk-influenced life as a reliving of his childhood.

“My friends are all 22 or 24,” said Gest, 54. “I hang out in Camden at this bar Amy Winehouse hangs out in.”

“I’m like a teenager and loving every mnute of it. I could have given it up for a happy marriage, but I’d rather go for a drink, go dancing in Camden, listen to the Kaiser Chiefs.”

We’d better hold next week’s cover, then.