Tabloid Hell: Take an online tour of Marilyn Manson’s house now

But be warned, the Prince Of Darkness' home will shock...

Marilyn Manson is selling his home for $1.1m, giving fans an insight into the goth singer’s world.

The self-styled ‘God Of Fuck”s mansion in Chatsworth, California is currently being sold online and, sadly, the singer’s digs are not living up to the satanic cathedral some may have hoped for.

Currently listed on, the property which Manson bought in 2004 boasts a pool, air conditioning and, most worryingly of all from a prince of evil point-of-view, a “breakfast nook” alongside the more formal dinning room.

In fact, pictures of the interior on the site are distinctly underwhelming.

The home recording studio is airy, well-lit and has a rather fetching purple carpet, while the pool looks perfect for barbecues rather than a coven meeting.

So is Manson’s place goth or not? Well, before his disciples flee entirely, we are happy to report that the curtains in the bedroom are indeed black – and there’s a severed goat’s head.

Ok, we made the animal sacrifice up, the place does have off street parking though…