Oasis’ Liam Gallagher wants to invite Gordon Brown to dinner – Tabloid Hell

The Oasis singer is planning a unique Christmas

It may have been big brother Noel who shared refreshments with then-Prime Minister Tony Blair in 1997, but now it looks like Liam Gallagher wants to get in on some Downing Street action.

Except – according to the red-tops today (December 10) anyway – he wants to do it in reverse, and invite Gordon Brown round his gaff for Christmas dinner.

Oh yes, according to “a source”, “Liam thinks it’d be “interesting”. We have to agree. Especially when we read that Liam also wants to extend the invitation to ‘I’m A Celebrity…’ winner Christopher Biggins.

“He’s a huge fan”, the source tells the Daily Star. A large pinch of salt with your turkey, Mr Gallagher?