Tabloid Hell: Kylie Minogue goes digitally mad

Miss M loses her rag over leaked songs

Who’d want to get on the wrong side of Kylie Minogue? Not us, she might get in that big metal robo suit she wears on tour and bash us.

However, dance music knob-twiddler Mylo risked the wrath of the mini popstress by posting some songs he wrote for her online.

According to our favourite red top today (October 19), Kylie had sung on Mylo’s tunes, but they hadn’t made the grade for her new album, so Mylo just lobbed them online for every man and his laptop-using dog to download for free.

This made Kylie all cross and grumpy, and her ‘people’ forced Mylo to take the songs down, claiming they may be used as future b-sides.

“What started out as a friendly working relationship between her and Mylo has deteriorated,” a source said. “He has now been well and truly frozen out of the Kylie fold.”

Poor lamb. Maybe he should hook up with Radiohead instead? They probably wouldn’t mind him posting their collaborations online.