Tabloid Hell: Amy Winehouse feels Mark Ronson’s wrath!

Video shoot no-show enrages music sampler

Prolific music sampler Mark Ronson has supposedly blown his top, with troubled star Amy Winehouse, because, according to the red-tops, she cancelled a video shoot for that cover of ‘Valerie’ by scouse superstars The Zutons.

Apparently Ronson doesn’t believe the fact that the jazz-pop warbler is currently recovering from smack addiction is a good enough excuse for the no-show.

Not that he’s actually made any comment about it. No, that’s left to “an insider”, as usual.

“He has been hugely concerned about Amy and considers her a great friend,” the mole revealed. “But he’s telling friends their working relationship is over for good.”

What, no more dodgy covers of third-rate scouse dadrock bands?