Tabloid Hell: David Bowie to star in Dr Who?

Ziggy Tardis, anyone?

Ziggy Tardis” – that’s got to be our second favourite tabloid headline of the year so far (just behind “DOHERTY CAT IS HOOKED ON CRACK”), and kicks off a story about how funny-eyed legend David Bowie might be starring in an episode of ‘Dr Who’.

David Bowie’s official spokesperson said it isn’t going to happen, but what does he know?

An infinitely better-placed “insider” has explained that Bowie said he’d be interested as long as he’s not subjected to “hours of disfiguring make-up”.

More than ample ammo to mock up a picture of Bowie sitting in a Dalek with “Here I am sitting in a tin can” coming out of his mouth in a speech bubble.