Tabloid Hell: Sex Pistols and Paris Hilton heading for jungle together?

Malcolm McLaren and Pazza set to hook up in 'I’m A Celebrity...'

In 2004, John Lydon entered the ‘I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!’ jungle a filth-mouthed punk rocker and left a lizard-loving, koala-stroking softie.

And now another Sex Pistol associate is set to bed down in Ant and Dec’s hallowed jungle hammocks: Malcolm McLaren, the music mogul behind Lydon and co’s spit-flecked success. But will he take to the leech-infested surroundings as well as Lydon did?

Who will the gobby guru be sharing kangaroo testicles with? Well, according to our favourite rag today, heir-head Paris Hilton is to sign up for the jungle shenanigans alongside McLaren.

But that’s not all – also set to tread the leaves, we read, is Right Said Fred’s infamous slaphead Richard Fairbrass.

Well, at least he won’t get head-lice.