Girls Aloud girl to get hitched? – Tabloid Hell

One of the pop troupe might be tying the knot, apparently…

Would you let you son marry a Girls Aloud? Probably – although one more of the pop troupe might be set to be struck off the bachelorette list – if the red-tops are to be believed.

Apparently, according to “a spy” (we don’t think they mean an MI5 agent), Nadine Coyle could be set to walk down the aisle with ‘Desperate Housewives’ star Jesse Metcafle.

Not that she’s been photographed with an engagement ring, or anything. Or has spoken about it to anyone. “Before the girls took to the stage Nadine showed her bandmates a ring on her finger,” the “spy” divulged. “I couldn’t see which finger as they were huddled around.”

The, er, mystery goes unsolved, then (sigh).