Amy Winehouse’s naked night walk – Tabloid Hell

The star has been out and about, but minus a few items of clothing

Amy Winehouse may have quit touring duties, but it doesn’t look like she’s been taking it easy, if the pictures in today (December 3)’s red-tops are anything to go by.

The paparazzi shots show the singer, at 5:40am GMT on Sunday morning (December 2), walking around Bow, east London, barefoot and wearing just a bra on her top half.

According to “a source” Amy had been partying at a friend’s house, and when she took to the streets was “mumbling something incomprehensible”.

The corner of a white package poking out of her red bra roused suspicion about what state of mind she might be in, but according to Amy’s official spokesperson, she had simply “been asleep and heard a noise. She went outside to investigate”.