Tabloid Hell: Kate Nash and Jack Penate become ‘indie vigilantes’

LDN's answer to Batman and Robin are tackling youth crime, apparently

Turn your stereo down and listen closely – yes, that’s the sound of the news barrel being not so much scraped as ripped into a pile of splinters and sawdust.

According to one of the red tops today (October 15), Kate Nash and Jack Penate are teaming up to form a new anti-hoodie peace force.

This hot news is based on the fact that Jack has a song about being mugged, called ‘Run For Your Life’, and has mentioned how he had his phone nicked a few times.

Kate isn’t mentioned in the article at all, so we’re not quite sure what draws her into this new indie vigilante brigade.

“A lot of my friends ended up being dicks, intimidating people in hoodies,” reveals a sombre-faced Jack. “I stayed in, listened to music and had mini-festivals in my garden.”

Jack went on to describe a new anti-hoody image he was considering. “I’m thinking of tutus and ballet pumps,” he joked. (Sigh).