Tabloid Hell: Macca wants to hold ‘Bridget Jones’ hand

The pair have been spotted literally 'inches apart'!

Looks like things are finally looking up in the romance stakes for Paul McCartney – if today’s red tops are to believed, anyway.

Apparently ‘Bridget Jones’ actress (re-named “Bridget Bones” for the headline: class) Renée Zellweger has been spotted standing with the former Beatle – being only “inches apart” from the man who brought us the ‘Dance Tonight’ iPod advert.

According to the newspaper, the pair were at a “music gig”. Such events are notorious hot-spots for debauched behaviour and booze-fuelled trysts, and “an onlooker” described Renée as “hanging off every word”.

McCartney was spotted standing just “inches” from a pillar in the venue minutes later, sparking further rumours about his love life, although neither Renée nor the pillar joined him as he left the venue.

Bring back the great whites, eh…?