Celine Dion’s Spice Girls party plans – Tabloid Hell

The famous warbler is sorting a special bash for the Spicies…

If there’s one person who knows how to throw the mother of all parties, it’s Celine Dion. And according to the red-tops today (November 30), she’s organising a rather special bash for The Spice Girls when they visit Vancouver on their tour.

Yes, the woman who sank the Titanic (kind of) is theming the party around her native land, to the extent that there will be at least one man dressed as a moose in attendance.

Alas, the Spicies won’t be able to get suitably smashed at Celine’s backstage party – they’re on a “no booze” rule to stay fit for their tour.

“There will be chocolate fountains and Cristal Champagne all round,” a “mole” revealed, before adding that despite the classy plonk on offer it’ll be “water all the way for the girls”.

We’ll drink (Evian) to that.