Tabloid Hell: Pete Doherty’s tea room tour?

Babyshambles man set for booze-free cruise, apparently

Before his stint in rehab, head to any slightly grimy North London boozer and you’ve got a pretty decent chance of catching Babyshambles frontman Pete Doherty playing an impromptu gig.

But now it seems that he’s ditching the Stella for Earl Grey – according to today’s (October 12) Sun newspaper, Pete’s heading out on a tour of such wholesome venues as Beardy Bob’s Organic Wholefood Juice Bar in London, Betty’s Tea Rooms in Hull and LeedsMethodist Youth Club.

Oh yes, apparently Peter will be bringing classics like ‘Fuck Forever’, ‘Pipedown’ and ‘Crumb Begging’ to all manner of granny-pleasing dens.

Pete came up with the idea,” a ‘source’ said. “He feels like a new man. It’ll be a challenge for him to go on tour without drugs.”

It’ll be a challenge not to give the tea-slurping clientele at the venues a heart attack, more like.