David Beckham banned by Spice Girls – Tabloid Hell

Becks won't be cheering Posh when tour kicks off

Amy Winehouse might not be able to play live with her husband by her side, but that’s not a problem Victoria Beckham, currently gearing up for The Spice Girls’ new world tour, is suffering from.

In fact, according to The Sun’s Bizarre page today (November 29), the perma-pouter won’t even let her husband, LA Galaxy midfielder David Beckham, through the turnstiles when the Spicies kick off the jaunt in Vancouver on December 2.

Apparently Vicky says she’ll be “too nervous” if her husband is around.

“One minute Victoria is saying she wants me there,” revealed a frustrated Beckham, “then it’s ‘No, don’t come to the first show’.”

Still, Victoria is at least letting David and the family come along to the later show in San Jose, by which time she’ll no doubt have perfected her rendition of ‘Holler’. Good of her, eh?