Oasis’ Noel Gallagher’s stalker drama – Tabloid Hell

Star given police guard to protect him, apparently

So, if you’ve got a bone to pick with Noel Gallagher, how do you go about sorting it out? Well, if you’re the fan who stormed Abbey Road studio the other day and demanded a showdown with the Oasis man, you just plough right in and get involved.

Yup, in The Sun’s Bizarrre column today (November 28), while the Gallaghers were busy beavering away in the studio on their new album, a crazed Greek fan was hammering on the studio door, demanding to have it out with Noel.

Apparently the fan believed Noel had nicked a load of lyrics from him for the new album (not sure how he would have known that yet – it isn’t even recorded yet), so he needed words with the guitar toting leg-end.

Studio staff were quick to pick up the bat phone and get the rozzers down to see the nutter on his way, leaving Noel and co to continue making history inside.

Apparently the lads have now got their own police guard to prevent any more crazies getting close to the magic making – and they’ve been asking if they can have a listen to the new album, only to be politely refused.

Nice try, officer!