Courtney Love ‘stole’ David LaChapelle’s chauffeur-driven car – Tabloid Hell

Photographer was apparently 'fuming' at Hole singer's antics

Courtney Love left photographer David LaChapelle “fuming” after stealing his chauffeur-driven car in New York earlier this week, according to a report.

The Hole singer had been partying with LaChapelle at Big Apple nightspot Soho House on Monday evening (June 27) before the night’s events took an unusual turn, the New York Daily Post claims.

LaChapelle initially gave Love permission to use his driver to reach director Brett Ratner‘s house. It was planned that the trio would visit LaChapelle‘s exhibition at the nearby Lever House venue.

However, LaChapelle went “crazy” when Love failed to return his vehicle and stayed at Ratner‘s house until dawn.

A ‘source’ told the newspaper: “LaChapelle was freaking out, saying Courtney had taken his car. He was frantically trying to reach her and his driver on the phone to find out where the hell they were.”

Soho House apparently confirmed the story, while Love gave her side of events, commenting: “We were supposed to go to Lever House and I was dispatched with his car. But Brett didn’t want to get out of bed and we ended up talking. David was back at Soho House waiting.”