Tabloid Hell: Arctic Monkeys + Popworld = love

'Alex-xa' become one

It’s good to know that the tabs are keeping note of Arctic Monkey Alex Turner‘s love life.

They were the first ones to drop the info that Alex Turner had split up with his childhood sweetheart.

They also told us how Alex had called “splitsville” on his relationship with Johanna Bennet in January.

They now (October 10) tell us that he’s hooked up with Popworld presenter Alexa Chung.

Apparently, the pair were spotted at the Met Bar and Bungalow 8 club in London.

He allegedly said: ”She’s gorgeous, isn’t she? She’s the fittest girl here by a mile. It’s early doors but we’re dead happy.”

Of course, because that sounds like something he’d say.

If it is true we wish ‘Alex-xa’ all the best.