Tabloid Hell: Amy Winehouse’s almighty scrap

Did she really hide in a wheelie bin?

Pictures of Tabloid Hell perennial Amy Winehouse are plastered all over the press today (August 24), after what appears to be a particularly vicious domestic.

The singer and her husband Blake Fielder-‘Not Very’ Civil are both pictured with rather messy faces after reportedly fighting following a drugs binge, though it actually looks as if ‘Not Very’ Civil came off worst. Well, would you mess with her?

Reports indicate the ‘lovers’ had a nasty scrap after returning from rehab and heading for a central London hotel. Amy was spotted running out of the hotel, before flagging down a car and escaping. ‘Not Very’ Civil apparently didn’t witness this manoeuvre, and was spotted “frantically searching for his wife in shop doorways and even wheelie bins”.

Er, right….we know Amy’s lost quite a lot of weight and that people on drugs tend to have quite low self-esteem, but a wheelie bin? Can you imagine making your way home from a London nightclub, heading over to deposit some rubbish, opening up the bin and finding a cowering, prominent singing diva in there? Alright, it would be something to talk about in the pub, but no one would believe you, would they?

‘Not Very’ Civil then came to what his senses (proving he does actually have some) and hooked up with his wife later, after she was spotted hiding in a postbox. Actually, we made that last bit up, it was on a street in Soho. This one could run and run…a bit like Amy did.