Kate Moss argues over Pete Doherty…again – Tabloid Hell

The Kills are not best pleased with her Babyshambles plans

Kate Moss has apparently had another bust-up with her current boyfriend, The KillsJamie Hince over – guess who – her ex Pete Doherty.

According to one of this morning’s red tops (November 27), Moss is keen to join Babyshambles onstage at London‘s Wembley Arena tonight, just as she did in the good old days.

However, apparently, Hince is not best pleased with his girl meeting up with her ex and they apparently had a screaming row that lasted the entire weekend, including a bickering stint at Davinia Taylor’s house. Yawn.

A ‘pal’ apparently said: “Kate says she dreams about doing a number with Pete and has never felt as high as when she was on stage with him. She misses it.

Jamie is scared there will be such excitement and hype about her being reunited with Pete on stage that everyone will assume they are back together. It would be humiliating.”

We’re betting Jamie’s real reason for vetoing the collaboration isn’t jealousy, though – he just feels sympathy for the Wembley audience being subjected to Moss’ vocals on ‘La Belle Et La Bete’. Shudder.