Tabloid Hell: Britney shuns Justin

Singer pulls out of Timbaland duet

In sad, sad new development Britney Spears has pulled out of the very thing that may have saved her very troubled career, or so the US tabs claim.

She has allegedly withdrawn at the last minute from recording a duet with one-time paramour Justin Timberlake, which was to be produced by Timbaland.

Clearly not a fan of would-be pop culture ‘moments’, Spears has made her record label very unhappy.

Allegedly Timberlake wrote the duet specifically for Spears. Although they wouldn’t be together in the studio, his voice would have been mixed with hers.

A ‘source’ said: “Timbaland set aside a week out of his crazy scheduled to do this – and then, just before she was supposed to fly out Britney abruptly cancelled the session and refused to do the song.

“It’s crazy. She’s looking for a comeback and this would have not only been a huge hit, but something she could have opened the MTV Video Music Awards with and really blown everyone away.”