Amy Winehouse to enter rehab again? – Tabloid Hell

According to 'friends', Amy will head to The Priory after Christmas

They tried to make her go to rehab, and she said, “Yes, for a short while, then I’ll continue my destructive lifestyle with a series of shambolic shows which will enrage my fans.” Or something along those lines.

But it seems as if Amy Winehouse’s wild-child life-style could be at an end soon. Because, according to our favourite red-top, “a friend” of the jazz warbler has explained that Winehouse has agreed to go to the famous Priory rehab centre after Christmas if she isn’t clean in time for the turkey scoffing.

Amy has always been against rehab,” divulged the “source”, “but her family and friends are working on getting her to do it.

“She has promised to consider going to The Priory if she doesn’t get clean over Christmas.”

We shall see, we shall see.