Tabloid Hell: Tory leader in in a Jam over ‘Eton Rifles’

David Cameron doesn't get Paul Weller classic

You have to feel a bit sorry for David Cameron this morning (October 8).

Not only is the Conservative Party leader looking forward to at least two more years in opposition, but one of those pesky popular beat combos has made him look incredibly out of touch… again!

You would have thought “Daring Dave” would have learnt after his run in with Radiohead.

The Tory leader claimed that he wrote to the band ahead of a Friends Of The Earth concert and asked them to play ’Fake Plastic Trees’ for him and they duly obliged – cue the band strenuously denying any such dedication.

Then Cameron decided to have a pop at hoodies, blaming hip hop culture and earning himself a slap down in the process from Lethal Bizzle, who declared Britain’s would-be leader “a biscuit”.

Showing that he has in no way learnt from his past mistakes, today (October 8) The Sun’s political gossip column The Whip reports that he’s done it again, this time with The Jam.

The band’s bass player Bruce Foxton reveals: “I was just talking to David Cameron and he told me he was a fan of ’Eton Rifles’.”

Third time unlucky for the Tory leader.

You see, The Jam’s frontman Paul Weller wrote the song criticising the over-privileged who attend Eton School and then go on to dominate society all thanks to an accident of birth and the class system.

Fine, except an ex-pupil of that educational establishment just happens to be a certain David Cameron. D’oh!

Face it Dave – you and popular culture, it just ain’t going to happen dear.