Tabloid Hell: Pete Doherty’s kitty is on crack!

His cat is a bit of a user, apparently…

It may only be August, but we’ve found our favourite tabloid headline of 2007 already: “DOHERTY CAT IS HOOKED ON CRACK”.

Oh yes, one of our favourite red-tops has dedicated an entire page to the revelation that one of Pete’s six kitty cats was taken to the vet to have some minor illness treated – only for the vet to find cocaine in the poor furball’s bloodstream (so not strictly crack, then).

The rag got some expert advice from an RSPCA spokesperson, who said: “It is a police matter, so we cannot deny or confirm the identity of the man who had his kitten removed.”


That clears that one up, then.

It did remind us of a video we’d seen on YouTube though – of two kittens having some rough and tumble to the soundtrack of ‘Can’t Stand Me Now’. Watch it below now – are they on crack?

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