Tabloid Hell: Kanye shuns the ‘Golddiggers’

Star supposedly leaves strippers short-changed – how rude!

“I ain’t sayin’ she a golddigger – but she ain’t rollin’ with no broke…” rapped Kanye West, and it seems that the star lives up to his reputation as being intolerant of the wallet-grasping groupie.

Well, if today’s red-tops are to be believed, anyway. According to a very reflective newspaper, Kanye lorded it up last night (August 21) in Stringfellows strip club, but refused to break out the dollar bills for any of the gyrating dancers in front of him.

Apparently when it comes to priorities, West places booze over booty – he’d forked out over six grand already on posh cocktails, and wasn’t prepared to see more money disappear down the underwear of Stringfellows’ finest.

Hey, maybe he’s a bit skint after forking out for the rights to the 30 million songs he samples every month…