Tabloid Hell: Britney Spears ‘saved’ by Donald Trump

But who'll have the better wig?

If you’re to believe the tabs Britney Spears is seemingly minutes away from painting herself a bright shade of blue and quaking at passers by.

However now it looks like her has an unlikely ‘saviour’ in the form of trillionaire tycoon Donald Trump, it’s reported today (August 21).

And how will he accomplish his future canonisation as a saint?

By offering Brit some emergency therapy? Banning all Cheetos and Red Bull-related products from her vicinity?

Well, not quite.

Trump has offered Spears a chance to appearance on ’Celebrity Apprentice’.

In gently, gently tones, Trump offered: “She’s a fucking mess. And that little reality show she had did nothing.

“But she likes the idea of being on television and I think she’d be great.”

That’s help money can’t buy, surely?