Tabloid Hell: Amy Winehouse’s mum speaks out

It’s a 'no comment' on Blake

As the story unfolds, it seems like you can’t pick up a paper without a mother-in-law/uncle in spirit or long lost dog giving their two pennies worth on the Amy Winehouse situation.

Now it’s Winehouse’s mother who speaks out about the troubled singer.

Janis Winehouse said: “It’s like a sickness but she cannot see it.”

No, she’s not talking about Blake.

In fact when questioned about Mr Fiedler-Civil she said: “I think it’s a case of the less said the better.”

Mama Winehouse believes her daughter is in a bad way, she said: “Her brain is addled. She’s on a path of self-mutilation and lucky to be alive.

“It hurts but I know I can’t help her. She’s got to do that for herself and I only hope she is strong enough.”

Janis believes the Winehouse of recent times isn’t the real Amy.

She said: “This isn’t Amy. It’s as if her whole life has turned into a stage performance.”

Winehouse Sr then voiced concern about what we’ve all been pondering but too afraid to say: “What…are all the tattoos about? They’re horrible.”

We couldn’t agree more.