Amy Winehouse’s mum wants Blake to stay in jail – Tabloid Hell

'Thank god he's inside' says jazz-warbler's mum

Would you let your daughter marry Blake Fielder-Civil? Judging by his current standing in the public eye, the answer to that question is probably only slightly less likely to be a “yes” than the answer to The Mirror‘s immortal Rolling Stones headline.

So we can’t be too surprised to read in today’s (November 21) red-tops that Amy Winehouse‘s mum, Janet Winehouse, has declared that she’s pretty damn happy the trilby-sporting ‘video assistant’ is in the slammer and away from her daughter.

“Thank God he’s gone inside,” she said. “I think he’s introduced her to them [drugs] and now she thinks, ‘Oh, this is good, this is OK’.”

Alas, Janet’s words are likely to fall on deaf ears – rather than revealing any plans to ditch Blake, Amy has been asking fans at gigs to send him red roses…