Tabloid Hell : Spice vs Westlife – Part II

Apparently the two pop bands are going to war

Yes, it’s a case of ’Greatest Hits’ versus a load of tits, in the Spice Girls versus Westlife chart battle.

Spice Girls were all ready to release their Best Of on November 5, the same day as Westlife’s new album ’Back Home’ is due.

However, the Spices allegedly backtracked, pushing their release date back to November 12.

The two bands originally competed in 2000 when Spice’s ’Forever’ was outsold by Westlife’s ’A Load Of Mumsy Rubbish’, sorry, ’Coast To Coast’.

A Westlife ‘insider’ (can you imagine?) said: “It’s war and they’re not getting away that easily. They can run but they can’t hide.” Any more clichés? No? None? OK then.

Do we believe that the reason for the release date change was all the tabs doing, or, in fact, according to record company EMI’s statement that there was “no truth” in “rumours we are moving release date in response to any other release.”