Tabloid Hell: Pete Doherty and Kate Moss’ love contract

Babyshambles man refuses to sign the supermodel's forms

Another day (October 3), another in-no-way made-up story about Pete Doherty – and guess what, it isn’t about the merits of his songwriting.

No, it’s about the new love contract his supermodel ex Kate Moss apparently tried to make him sign.

If the rag’s words are to be believed, Kate drew up a contract which stated that Pete had to ditch the drugs, get rid of his pet cat Dinger and agree to let Kate make one of her ace singing cameos at every Babyshambles gig from now on.

But Pete metaphorically ripped up the contract in her face, with “a source” (that bloke again) saying: “He really does want to start again, and that means not going back to Kate… no matter how much he loves her.”

We preferred the story about Pete’s cat being on crack, to be honest.