Tabloid Hell: Spice Girls wants Angelina

Geri wants Jolie to be her best friend

With the kind of unrelenting spirit she pursued Robbie Williams with, Geri Halliwell has invited fellow UN Goodwill ambassador Angelina Jolie to ALL the Spice Girls reunion shows.


The tabs today (November 19) suggest that she is keen for daughter Bluebell Madonna Zig A Zig Ahha to befriend Angelina’s ever increasing brood.

Apparently Ginger is not happy that Posh has nabbed all the celeb pals like Snoop and Tom Cruise, she wants some Hollywood pals of her own, dammit.

An insider says: “Geri dotes on Bluebell and only wants the very best for her. Geri has sent personal invites to Angelina. She has a lot of respect for her as a fellow UN ambassador and for the charity work she does.”

Angelina Jolie is the new George Michael – who’d have thought it?