Tabloid Hell: Amy Winehouse’s husband Blake speaks

Him indoors says 'I'm not the bad guy'

Amy Winehouse’s fella Blake Fielder-Civil has spoken out for the first time against rumours he is the reason for the singer’s downfall.

Fielder-Civil said that he wanted to help Winehouse beat her addictions.

He told The Mirror today (August 17): “Everyone thinks that everything that’s happened to Amy is my fault and I’m portrayed as the bad guy. But I just want everyone to know that I love her so so much.

“She’s so precious to me, she’s my wife and I want to take care of her -that’s why I’m taking her back to rehab.”

Well, if rumours are to believed, only after a few swift ones at their local.

Video runner/assistant/serial pork pie hat wearer Blake said: “If we were going to send a message to Amy’s fans we would say don’t worry, she’s being looked after. We’re going back to this retreat. Amy’s fine.

“The reports about Amy and drugs aren’t true to that magnitude.”